Simplify your operations across clinics, home, and vacation

No matter how many locations you have, or where you want to work, we make accessing your clinic computer systems easy. With our hosted solution, we tie your clinic technology together in a format accessible anywhere.

Don’t like typing passwords? Try a Smartcard! Still have your fingers? Use a your fingerprint to switch from station to station with the same desktop! On the go? Easily log in from anywhere through the web portal!

The Best Part?

Your session follows you! Keep working where you left off on all your applications including your EMR (Healthquest, Accuro, MedAccess), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).

With our solutions, We take care of your end-to-end infrastructure so you can provide the best possible care without worrying about your technology. We make IT easy for you!


We make pricing simple. See below for our per user, per month, pricing.

$175 Per User
+$15 Per Email
+$15 Microsoft Office
+ Addons

A Better Solution

We work with Doctors and Staff both in and out of the office, and from our combined experience we have taken some of the best ideas, and improved the most neglected areas to provide a truly unique and easy to use solution for your clinic technology.

Follow me sessions
When you log into your desktop at the start of the day, your desktop will follow as you go from room to room, at home or on vacation when you need to quickly check something. With several security enhancements, and reduced waiting time, you can get your day done faster to have more time for yourself.
Multiple Sign-In Optons
Low upfront and ongoing cost
Managed Infrastructure
Guaranteed Satisfied
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